About me----
my name is anoop pratap singh and owner of duniya ki amazing facts blog.

About my place and schooling----
I have been born and brought up in Gorakhpur. I came to Lucknow 20year ago to explore professional opportunities. I have done my schooling from Lucknow. For my graduation, I chose B.sc program at Kanpur University. It was a very enriching experience at the University as not only we were actively involved in practical projects, but also got opportunities to participate in a number of sports and other extra-curricular activities such as plays and skits.

About my work----
I have been working as a blogging for 1 years now. I joined as a blogging and worked my way up to the position of best blogger within 3 years.I have a thorough understanding of blog planning and blog development. I have been mostly involved in establishing effective friendly relationships. I enjoy learning about the breakthrough in technology and amazing universe facts.

About my hobbies----
I love playing basketball. I have played many tournaments and traveled a lot as well. It taught me interpersonal skills. And, surely, I learned how to remain focused and blogging is my second hobbies.

About my blog----
i create this blog to provide a good knowledge through my self and this blog provide to you amazing facts whole world.

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